Performance Management   powered by AppSense

Simplicity and convenience


In addition to the standard configurations that manage a wide variety of environments, you will get:

  • Integrations with Microsoft System Center


  • Application discovery mode


  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Maximize investments and ensure consistent performance

It helps IT teams to offer a highly responsive workspace to users, in addition to reducing hardware costs.

The Performance Manager allows you to:

Ensure consistent application behavior, even in segregated environments.


Improve user efficiency by more than 40%.

Improve hardware life cycles.

Performance without much effort and consistently:


It allows IT to provide a response without requiring much effort, without flaws in the environment, bringing a productive work experience to the user.

  • Stopping run-away processes in problematic applications.


  • Reacting dynamically to demands by reallocating system resources.

Keeps your business in constant motion ensuring users are productive. You guarantee:

  • A consistent user experience.

  • That mission-critical applications have the resources they need.


  • Increased user productivity.

Improve User Efficiency and Hardware Lifecycles:

Whether your goal is to maximize user efficiency in a shared-use environment, optimize server-based applications in the datacenter, or extend the life cycle of your PC hardware.


  • Freeing up RAM memory by cutting memory, dramatically increasing user efficiency and extending PC life.


  • Allocation of CPU and memory resources according to business policy.



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