Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset management is essential to prioritize investments and focus efforts on the most critical assets, which support the organization's processes.

In this way, each organization will be able to focus on the benefits that will bring the greatest gain to your company:

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  • Asset traceability

  • Optimization of the use of assets throughout their life cycle;

  • Increased asset availability;

  • Reduced repair costs and increased productivity;

  • Improved planning of actions under assets;

  • Quality of services provided to customers;

  • Maximization of the company's results;

  • Safety and regulatory compliance.


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4Deal Solutions offers effective management solutions for the entire IT asset lifecycle, from the planning of its acquisition to its disposal.

Inventory data is the basis for many IT service management processes. You need to know that you are not paying for support on assets that are not in use and dispose of assets correctly, applying best practices. Assets include all elements of software and hardware that are found in the business environment. Monitoring these complex asset relationships in an asset data repository ensures that your assets are always used in the most efficient way.