Environment Management   powered by AppSense

Unmatched potential and granularity:

Granularity to meet the needs of the most demanding desktop environments.


  • Automated profile import


  • Turn-key policy assistants


  • Instant customization and rollback


  • Custom actions and conditions


  • File and folder management


  • Offline mode


  • Blocking app and OS resources, including Windows 10


  • Self-service tools for users

Eliminates tactical pain points like slow login times and more. After unlocking users and managing them independently, all of your strategic desktop projects are easier.

  • Physical to virtual migrations

  • PC update and repair

  • Operating system updates and migrations

On-demand personalization and contextual policy control

Our solution provides IT teams with a powerful new approach to customizing user desktops on demand and helping protect computers by controlling contextual policies.

Environment Management assists IT teams in:

  • Replace roaming and corruption-prone profiles with a fast and ultra-reliable just-in-time user customization approach.

  • Reduce the Microsoft Group Policy Object logon script and complexity with a powerful, easy-to-use policy mechanism that adapts the desktop configuration based on the user's context.

Users can switch between physical PCs, remote desktop session hosts, virtual desktops and cloud-hosted desktops with:

  • Log in in seconds


  • A fully personalized desktop experience, regardless of location or device


  • A secure desktop environment that adapts based on the user's context


On-demand customization:

Offers users a personalized desktop.

  • Capturing all user-specific customizations for the operating system and applications as they happen.

  • Bringing this "user DNA" into a central management framework.

  • Offering customization to user's desktop sessions on a just-in-time basis.

Granular control of contextual policies:


  • Applies the policy in real time throughout the user's session, not just at login.


  • Helps meet corporate and market compliance requirements, such as: HIPAA, FINRA and PCI.


  • Parallelism in the execution of policies to ensure a better experience and usability for the end user.



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