Endpoints Key Indicators powered by AppSense

Unprecedented visibility into Endpoints

Console that allows the granular data collection of information from the Endpoints for analysis and decision making.

Assists IT staff in:

  • Separate actionable endpoint data from noise and control critical KPIs.


  • Reduce desktop management costs through informed decision making.


  • Ensure endpoint security and identify suspicious behavior.

Work smarter through better visibility of Endpoints:


  • Detecting the causes of slow logons.


  • Profile detection with unnecessary access.

  • Identification of low performance applications.

Actionable Data:

  • Quantify and track user experience metrics.

  • Detect long logins, escape processes and other challenges that affect the user experience.


  • Trends in adoption of non-compliant applications and endpoints in your environment.

Protect endpoints through better visibility:

  • Detect suspicious endpoint behaviors, such as unknown processes started right at the start of the session.


  • Monitor administrator rights and self-elevation trends.

  • Identify suspicious files introduced in the endpoints.