STRATEGIC INDICATORS  powered by Xtraction

A Dashboard is built so that managers can systematically access the most relevant information on organizational performance, monitoring the critical processes of their institution, that is, the history of their activity. All the information that is stored in the databases of our organization does not serve a great purpose if we do not know how to present it to the respective decision makers of the institution.



Our Dashboard solution has a set of specific features:


  • Main decision support instrument;

  • Quickly exposes the main indicators of an organization, area, organic unit, project, etc;

  • It presents all information in a single console and integrated to its technological environment;

  • It has a simple and objective graphic presentation;

  • Uses design techniques in order to reduce the detail of the information and to provide greater efficiency in the transmission of the information / message;

  • It combines different variables from different perspectives in order to expose relationships that would be difficult to identify by analyzing the same data separately;

  • Integration with any data source, from files and databases to BIG DATA repositories;

  • Among others...



Native connectivity with dozens of market solutions.